You poo, I poo, we all poo so do do

Click here to watch a really crappy video of my entire system (no poo though)


Yea, we talkin’ bout do do, baby.  How do I go to the bathroom when I only have several feet of floor space? I poop in a bucket.  Yea, I’m that guy.  But hold up, wait a minute, let me put some compost in it.  If you think of your #2 as #1 waste, then perhaps considering the ability to turn your “waste” into a useful soil conditioner would suit you better.  I had some massive reservations about this whole idea, but it has been working out just peachy.

The following link is a free detailed plan and instructions for a similar system on Motherearthnews —–>>>  For more info on composting toilets check out this link.


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