Dayum, It’s been too long

So, i have been living in my tiny house since mid-June and it’s been a process of adapting to my minimalist lifestyle.  I will be uploading pictures and miniature write-ups on each zone of my home and the form and function of how I make a 72 sq. ft. box work for almost all my needs.

I’ll be addressing my cooking and main kitchen stuff today…at least 3/4 of it.  I have installed some shelves and raised the ceiling when I rebuilt the roof, so I have been able to stack stuff pretty high.  This is the wall that faces my tow hitch at the fore of trailer.  The counters are offset in height, soon to be level but at the moment 48″ is stained birch 3/4″plywood and 24″ is my original counter-top with sink cut in with adhesive flooring tiles on top of old junky plywood.


I have cut in the new 15″ square stainless ‘bar’ sink, and I even tried plumbing it with PVC…but it leaked when I turned it on so I’ve put that on hold until I can put some effort into plumbing.  I keep a dish-washing tub in the sink, it fits perfect and I heat water with the tea kettle to soak stubborn dishes, and rinse in the hand-pumped sink on the lower counter-top.  I use my breadbox for bread, but also for quite an impressive number of half pint and pint jars with whole foods like grains, nuts, and dried fruit.  I put an orange cafeteria tray on top of the breadbox and I keep all my coffee stuff (grinder, 3 different roasts/blends, aeropress, filters, water kettle) up there.



Behind the sink is honestly a mess.  Lots of spices and such, and to the left of those is three high temp frying oils (peanut, rice bran, avocado) and I keep the coconut oil in the corner because the heat from the fridge collects there and keeps it soft or liquid.  I also incorporated a cast iron electric hotplate (1300w) and a Pressure cooker (700W I think?).  The pressure cooker and electric range have been great, but it takes a lot of time to heat up and cool down, and i can’t do the high temp sear that a gas range provides.  I plan to change that soon by either refurbishing a “Magic Chef” 4 burner range/oven propane setup that I have, or buying a portable twin burner that is of high quality for gourmet quality results.  As far as an oven, I did pick up a used sanyo mini-toaster oven (1000w) and I’ve made toast and banana bread (gluten free!) with great results.  Oh, and Annie’s organic pizza roll things, they came out as good as they could being what they are, haha.



To the right of my sink is the lower level counter-top (about 4 inches lower) and I’ve mounted a magnetic strip for keeping my knives on this gap.  It works OK, but they will relocate when I level the counters.  I added a shelf and then put a shelf on the shelf, and there is a shelf below the shelf on the counter-top as well.  I’m incorporating levels and it works.  Since I have limited everything, I’ve got to find creative ways to get everything in without making it difficult to get to things.  I keep my storage containers under the lowest shelf, on top of that I keep my fruit dish with net to keep out pests (haven’t see any as of yet) and my liquid measuring cup, as well as keeping some space for a backup drying rack.  I tuck my Kombucha 1 gallon continuous brew jar in the corner, with a 1/2 gallon jar of Jun brew in front of it.  Then next to the window I have my big aloe and the pot holds a large bamboo cutting board in place.



I mounted some hooks for funnels and coffee mugs above the fruit but just below the wall mounted shelf, which is home to my small aloe, a musical snow-globe my son got me a few Xmas’s ago, and my main drying racks.  I gotta go for now, but I’ll be updating more regularly with tiny home stuff as well as normal psycho-babble and stream of consciousness stuff, like I do.


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