Tiny House Update June 7th – Small steps

I have been spending most of my time with my son Eli and at school finishing up Spring term projects and working in the Psychology department at the information desk.  I did find some time to fiddle around in my tiny house and make some wood cuts and drive some screws.

I finished the bunk space with a piece of plywood spanning the 28.5 inches, rather than a piece of cloth material like I had in my mind originally(think of a canvas cot.)  The rigid base allows for foam to be cut and applied for a bed surface, and i’ll top it with a queen size down/feather mattress topper folded in half, for extra fluff.  Eli helped me with some of the drill work, although he is not nearly as enthused as I.

I also started a 24″ cube that will be one of two benches with storage under the seating cushion.   I utilized a low grade, aged and weathered piece of 5/8″ plywood and some scrap 2×2’s left over from a deck railing long dismantled.  I can’t cut straight lines to save this project, and the wood itself is not exactly flat and straight, so the cube did not come out square and even.  As these things go, I will make due with this first cube by putting threaded inserts in the bottom and installing adjustable feet to level the base.  I’ll add a top, made of plywood that just sits atop the cube, slightly sunken in as to not be removable without taking off the cushion and pulling the top board off.

Once this bench is finished I plan to go to a big box materials store to have them cut a piece of plywood into perfectly straight(and even) 24″ sections for the next box.  I’ll use one of the 24″ squares as a tabletop that will go between the two benches.  If I had my project notebook with me today I would post my drawing of the concept, but I think it’s easy enough to understand what i’m trying to do.  I want to end up with two large 24″ cubes with couch cushions on them for seating, with a third cushion as a backrest for one of the benches.  The other brilliant part of this plan is to make the tabletop easily removable, and be able to serve as the third section between the benches, with the backrest cushion moved to the tabletop and the tabletop dropped down level between the cubes i’ll gain another 6ft long sleeping space with this concept.  I’ve been using the couch cushions I got at a yard sale for $1 on the bunk as a sleeping pad, and that provides plenty of support and width for a good nights rest.

I’ve planned out some other parts of the project.  When I tear the roof off I’ll be using clear corrugated polycarbonate sheets as the roofing for the rear bunk section of the house, with standard roofing materials covering the rest of the roof so that I may mount solar panels in the future.   I also figured out where I will mount my bread box and my cook pans, as well as where I’ll put dishes, which will inevitably stay on the drying rack.  What else…?  I think that is about it.  My pressurized water sprayer thing(marketed as a portable shower) will be in this Friday, along with the portable toilet and a top mount hand pump for a 5-gallon water cooler style vessel.  The hand pump will be mounted next to the sink, and serve as the faucet.

At this point I don’t need much else beyond wiring up the 7-pin light/brake connector for towing, and get the house registered with DMV as an RV.  I wish I could get set up with solar now, but if I am too hasty I will end up with a system unable to supply power through the dreary winter months.

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