Good Knowledge, Bad Ignorance

Today I am cringing at the thought of completing arbitrary school papers and assignments that are a furthering of ignorance within the education system.  An instructor who’s attitude towards the education provided frankly sucks, and questions to be answered to the highest degree of academic performance with only the smallest amount of concern towards our instruction and guidance of the topics.

This is ignorant knowledge, and therefor, it is bad.  This is the theme in the way we are educated in the West.  Ignorance within education is a plague on the collective consciousness we all give and take from.  I am continually exposed to research that contradicts most information that has been instructed to me in my time in academia, only to discover out of my own unsatisfied curiosity that the content provided by the various institutions I have taken up instruction within have misrepresented the content in the favor of personal bias, either in reference to our national image or the perspective of the individual providing the instruction.

Then I need to only look towards theology and religion to see further down the rabbit-hole of ignorance.  As I type this I am supposed to be writing short-essays about Hinduism and Buddhism, but that too is a load of crap.  I had a terrible time trying to write essays about the Abrahamic religions and how they have changed throughout time.  Regardless of who is responsible for creating knowledge and sharing it with others, it is the others who are responsible for the integrity of the knowledge, and the integrity is what I feel is continually compromised in the interests of the ones who view the knowledge as a form of power and decide to use that power for their own selfish interests.

This is, then, more about integrity than knowledge or ignorance, or good and bad.  If knowledge is good, and ignorance bad, then consciously misrepresenting knowledge to gain power is the carnal evil.  And being aware of the skew of facts throughout history and being unable to have any power over restoring the true nature of knowledge is crippling at best.  I look around at dietary recommendations made by Nationally accredited institutions and I know that those recommendations are influenced by corporations and food industries with a vested interest in spreading the belief that their products are required in the diet of the people who inhabit the financial markets where they do business.  I look at all the ignorance and faith placed within the modern monetary systems, with the creation of wealth happening at the top, unencumbered by regulations preventing the spread of disease we know as the American dollar, in all of it’s mighty power.  The power of the American dollar is a huge lie that we tell ourselves and the world.  We make it all up, and as long as confidence in the lies exist it can continue, business as usual.

We make up the money, we make up the power structures, the social conventions, the do’s, the don’ts.  It’s all about power and control.  Whether we refer back to knowledge, which is held hostage in learning institutions, only released when the appropriate funds are presented, proving we have the financial privilege of gaining access to instruction of the knowledge; or we refer to the money itself, which is literally made up within the data centers of the world as figures in the artificial space of the Internet and it’s vast “banks” of servers and hard drives.

I’m sick.  Literally sick because of how much everyone buys into it, myself included.  I desire to detach from the the illusion, to come out of the shadows and learn for myself the true nature of the world and my place within it.  I know one thing, my place is not within the constructs of this synthetic environment that has been created to keep everyone in line.  In learning about early religions I can tell that I am not alone in my thoughts.  There have always been those who are so troubled by the ignorant nature of the world that they disengage and seek the underlying truths that are so well hidden beneath the sheets of this bed we make for ourselves.  The Buddha, the Prophet Mohammad, and many others have gone off into the mountains for month or years at a time, to seek the truth.  One cannot live in illusion and see the code that makes it all work; and without ever completely removing oneself from the program, progress to change the way the game is played will never be made.

So here I am, like many before me.  Aware of the illusion, but stuck as an actor in the play. My options feel small and I feel powerless.  Do I continue to feed this bad wolf?  Do i keep taking out loans and pursuing an “education”, knowing good and well that I will only be feeding a dangerous animal?  Or do I decide that enough is enough, and retire to the mountains to find my peace with the world and experience the true nature of suffering and the truths that lead to relieving that suffering?  I have questions, always and forever I have questions.  Whether the questions are aimed towards answering my own truths, or the questions are related to clarifying the truths presented to me by others, it does not change my nature.  As a skeptic I have and will always have questions and curiosities,and those will never be satisfied as far as I can tell, especially if I continue down this path of mis-information and the fallacy of knowledge as I understand it today.

2 thoughts on “Good Knowledge, Bad Ignorance

  1. Ben!
    I want to sit with you and discuss this someday soon. I struggle with the same things on a regular basis and continue to tell myself that I need to be part of the system to help change it (wether or not that is true is a tough one)… Also I have realized two types of ignorance what I call positive and negative ignorance. What you discuss and most of us think of is negative ignorance – it makes us feel better about ourselves because it makes things feel “right” in the world (We “know” things). Positive ignorance, on the other hand, is what I see as the true pursuit of science – in that every time we answer 1 question we realize a couple more (realizing our ignorance) – this makes us uncomfortable because we feel small and as if we know nothing. <- being able to be with this may be part of enlightenment?
    Keep thinking!


    1. Thank you Austin for your comment. I was reflecting about this further yesterday, and may make an entire post about it after finals week. My realization is much like you describe; the lens can always be smaller or larger, depending on what we are attempting to examine and explain. Man did not evolve to be in command and control of all things in this universe, that is the ego of man who has that misperception. Nothing besides our own greed and drive to control keeps us ruling over our environment, and it’s becoming increasingly obvious that we have no real control. The perception of control is part of the problem, and that brings me to the gnostics. When I think of gnosis, I think of having knowledge of all things; or at least access to all the knowledge that exists. In reality, gnosis is the ability to know the unknown, and be content with the cycle of things. Being aware and present in your current environment and existing in harmony rather than commanding over a domain is the true basis of gnostic awareness. A harmonic cycle of life has existed on this planet for many more million years than the 12,000 years it took humans to compromise that cycle. Feeling right and being right are not something that is open to debate, they just are what they are. However, feeling right is our self-concept hushing our childish cries and saying everything is gonna be ok. That feeling of being right, and incorporating the rightness into belief systems and values furthers the trip down the rabbit hole. I have been saying for some time now that the older I get, the less I know, and the happier I become. Today that statement is the only truth I am certain of. We should feel small. We are not gods, we are not supreme beings, we are orgamisms who share a planet(poorly) with other organisms and we all came out of the same primordial soup. Before the universal processes made a soup for us to rise out of, we were stardust. And within that stardust may be the hopes, dreams, and egoistic desires of countless other organisms who were caught up in the same self-delusion; that they are infinitely special and the rules of existence do not apply to them. I’ll leave you with another certainty. You and I and everything we know, love and understand will one day decay and be returned to the soup, and eventually stardust, so if we want to figure out how the stardust makes soup that allows for organisms to form, that’s cool and all, but we are still going to have our place in the cycle. We can not command the cosmos to change that for us. Go on figuring things out, because it is productive to the end goal of the system to control everything, which is the real ignorance. That’s not a poke towards you, it’s just the truth you are already aware of. We DO need credentials next to our name so that when we start busting ourselves and others out of the system they have faith that we are correct and just in our convictions. Play on player 🙂


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