Medicine making 101


I attended a medicine making workshop at SOU between classes yesterday.  It was presented by SOU student Vanessa Stangil, and the focus was on making tinctures, teas and oil infusions.  The crowd was a good mix of community members and students, with prizes for the students to win consisting of a very small Ball canning jar, cheese cloth, and a 2-ounce dropper bottle.

The presentation was interesting, highlighted by Vanessa making a tincture with lemon balm and Everclear.  She chopped the Lemon Balm(fresh) very fine to increase surface area and then filled the jar with an equal amount of 95% grain alcohol and chopped lemon balm.

This is not much different than the process I use when I make Vanilla extract.  My extract is more for fragrance purposes, and I used 80-proof Oregon Pear Brandy instead of high proof grain alcohol.  I sliced my vanilla beans lengthwise and scraped the inner part of the bean into the alcohol, and then chopped the beans into pieces that would fit in the jar and left it sit for 4-6 weeks.  During her presentation at SOU, Vanessa recommended allowing tinctures to sit for 6-8 weeks before filtering the plant material with cheesecloth and a funnel.

I will be creating a blog post soon to demonstrate my method for making a cannabis tincture, to avoid having to smoke to get similar result.  Stay tuned.1450576024092

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